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Feeling a bit tired and in need of more energy?
Are you currently suffering from health challenges?
Experiencing brain fog or trouble with your memory?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, your body may be out of balance…

How Do Our Bodies Get Out of Balance, and Why?

Our Modern Diet doesn’t provide the nutrient-rich foods our bodies need because Food Corporations are more interested in making a profit than providing healthy foods. Man-made foods are overly processed, most foods are irradiated to kill off bacteria during transport, and filled with chemical compounds that have ill effects on us. The result is that we are losing our cellular integrity which is considered to be the main cause of the health challenges we see today. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to provide our bodies with the proper nourishment at the cellular level to assure proper body function and achieve health, homeostasis, energy and balance. 

Our world is becoming less healthy! In the last century, we have seen the fastest rate of technological advances, and yet people have never been sicker and unhealthier. We now live in a world with more pollution, a faster pace of life, less meaningful personal interactions, and less time to ourselves than ever.

The scientific data is alarming, chronic health issues have dramatically increased in the last 60 years. This scary phenomenon is seen across the world especially where people rely more and more on processed foods, or don’t have easy access to fresh, local, non-GMO, non-radiated, naturally raised foods in their diet. 

A recent study found that only 1 out of 8 adults in America have good metabolic health (UNC School of Public Health, Nov. 2018).

SOLUTIONS TO RestorE Health and balance


Science has determined that 90% of all chronic health issues can be linked to 4 primary causes:

          • chronic cellular inflammation                             • type B malnutrition
          • an imbalanced gut micro-biome                        • the lack of regular exercise 

It is plain and simple that our modern diet is to blame for the majority of our chronic degenerative health issues. Diseases don’t just happen overnight, they are like time-bombs, building gradually over years until the body can no longer adapt or compensate. 


We are composed of nearly 100 trillions of cells. It has been determined that it is at that level where health issues stem from. Understanding this important fact, Dr Paul Clayton and his scientific team formulated food-based supplements to remedy cellular deficiencies and bring us back to the vibrant health we can all attain. Cellular rejuvenation is possible by providing our bodies key nutrients such as a pharmacy-grade Omega-3s, essential cellular nutrients, and a prebiotic fiber blend.

A synergistic formulation to address today’s health challenges

• To restore cellular integrity and absorption, we use an Omega-3s Supplement combining only 3 simple high quality ingredients: an ultra-pure Icelandic-made fish oil; a cold-pressed olive oil rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants known to deliver the Omega 3s fatty acids into the cells and cell membranes; and Vitamin D3 to boost immunity. This Balance oil+ is tested and proven to reduce oxidative stress and help cellular functions.

To provide cellular nourishment, we have an excellent Multi-Immune Food Supplement composed of 23 vitamins, essential trace elements, micro & phytonutrients, and the incredible immune boosting support of 1,3/1,6 beta glucans.

  To balance our gut microbiome, we deliver prebiotic fibers to the friendly bacteria living in our gut. Feeding the right colonies of bacteria will restore balance of the microbiome of our gut and considerably help bowel function.

The most complete way to restore balance at the cellular level.

The synergistic actions of these three products will provide the essential fatty acids, prebiotic fibers for the gut microbiome, a comprehensive vitamin support, trace elements, micro and phyto-nutrients and the effective immune support of the 1,3/1,6 beta glucans. 


The Balance Oil+ & Balance Test Concept

Our Scientific Test-Based Approach Works. The Balance Oil+ concept is a complete test-based and weight-based dosage approach. A simple in-home blood test sent to an independent laboratory will provide key measurements on your fatty acid health status. No more guessing on your Omega-3 intake. Two tests are provided; the first when you begin, the second test is performed 4 months later to show your achievements in balancing your body at the cellular level. After 120 days of consuming the BALANCE OIL+, 95% of people test “in balance”, with a 3:1 or lower ratio.


The blood recommended ratio of Omega-6’s to Omega-3’s is 3:1 or lower. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of “pro-inflammatory” Omega-6’s in our diet, along with not eating enough “anti-inflammatory” Omega-3’s, this ratio is on average higher than 25:1 for the North American population. 99% of people in North America test “out of balance” on their first test.

These scientific articles will bring you more insights about the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids:



The Science is unanimous on the subject, Omega-3 food supplement is an essential contributor for our health. For centuries, the human race’s primary source of fat was from seafood, mostly in the form of fish oil. In the last 100 years or so, our diet saw a drastic change and our main source of fat today comes in the form of soybean, palm and seed oils rich in Omega-6. They are used for baked goods, to make our French fries and most prepared foods. Needless to say this rapid modification in our diet over just a few generations is not without ill effects on our health.  

We hope you will enjoy the following videos. The best health care practitioners, renowned scientists, and consumers like you all agree that these products will help you live a balanced life and help you reverse or prevent most health challenges brought from our modern world.

The Balance Oil Concept

Dr Hyman on Omega-3 fatty acids

Dr Clayton on the Benefits of Pharmaco-Nutrition

Products Presentation


“The past two years I have been fighting severe skin condition as you can see from the pictures it has been very painful and itchy and at time bleeding to the point I had to wrap my arms. I have been taking probiotics and nothing was helping. The after pictures, three months of being on the Health Protocol. Take a look at my hands !!!”
Thomas Russo, VA.
“I started taking the Zinzino Health Protocol 6 months ago now and I am really pleased with the results! I no longer have my brain fog and I do not need my hormonal therapy for night sweats anymore. I have way more energy too.”
J. Yaxley, Virginia, USA 
“This Health Protocol has equipped my body with what it needs to function better on so many levels! Within the first month of taking the Balance Oil+, Xtend+ and Zinobiotic+, I felt my energy level increase, the brain fog from a 10 month old concussion started to clear, my ability to manage stressful situations throughout the day improved, my digestive system woke up (a struggle since early childhood), my vision improved, my skin and hair became softer and shinier, the fine lines and melasma on my face began disappearing and I was able to fall into a deep restful sleep (and stay asleep.. and without bathroom breaks) for the first time in ages! I am excited to see my BalanceTest results in a few months!”
Rachel Diamond, Virginia, US


Jen is a relationship coach and the CEO of the Unshakeable Family Group Coaching program and community.

Jen teaches how to create relationships free of “dis-ease” and it starts with us. Reducing inflammation in our body and brain is an essential part of creating emotional and physical health which allows us to show up in overflow for our family, friends and for ourselves!


Jen Williamson


We are like-minded, health conscious and independent partners working as a team to educate as many people as we can on the devastating effects our modern diet causes to our health. We have seen healing taking place when the body returns to balance and is provided with optimal cellular nourishment. Our approach is fact-based and scientifically proven and offer solutions to solve 90% of today’s chronic health conditions. We truly believe our test-based pharmaco-nutrition supplements heal the body at the cellular level.

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