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The Science is unanimous on the subject, Omega 3 food supplement is an essential contributor for our health. For centuries, the human race’s primary source of fat was from seafood, mostly in the form of fish oil. In the last 100 years or so, our diet saw a drastic change and our main source of fat today comes in the form of soybean, palm and seed oils rich in Omega 6. They are used for baked goods, to make our French fries and most prepared foods. Needless to say this rapid modification in our diet over just a few generations is not without ill effects on our health.  

We hope you will enjoy the following videos. The best health care practitioners, renowned scientists, and consumers like you all agree that these products will help you live a balanced life and help you reverse or prevent most health challenges subjected from  our modern world.

The Balance Oil Concept

Dr Hyman on Omega 3 fatty acids

Dr Clayton on the Benefits of Pharmaco-Nutrition

Products Presentation


The past two years I have been fighting severe skin condition as you can see from the pictures it has been very painful and itchy and at time bleeding to the point I had to wrap my arms. I have been taking probiotics and nothing was helping. The after pictures, three months of being on the Health Protocol. 
Take a look at my hands !!!
Thomas Russo, VA.
I started taking the Zinzino Health Protocol 6 months ago now and I am really pleased with the results! I no longer have my brain fog and I do not need my hormonal therapy for night sweats anymore. I have way more energy too.
J. Yaxley, Virginia, USA 
This Health Protocol has equipped my body with what it needs to function better on so many levels! Within the first month of taking the BalanceOil, Xtend and ZinoBiotic, I felt my energy level increase, the brain fog from a 10 month old concussion started to clear, my ability to manage stressful situations throughout the day improved, my digestive system woke up (a struggle since early childhood), my vision improved, my skin and hair became softer and shinier, the fine lines and melasma on my face began disappearing and I was able to fall into a deep restful sleep (and stay asleep.. and without bathroom breaks) for the first time in ages! I am excited to see my BalanceTest results in a few months!
Rachel Diamond, Virginia, US