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From the pioneers of Test-Based personalized nutrition,  here is the latest innovation in

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Home Health Tests

Omega Balance Products

The Health Protocol

Our Complete Array of Balance, Immune, Gut, Weight Management and Skin Care Products.

Here are some of the health benefits people experienced using these products:

• Improved cognitive and brain function*

• Helps adjust your Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio*

• Helps maintain optimal and healthy heart function*

• Helps maintain optimal and healthy eye function*

• Supports healthy hair and nails*

• Promotes skin health and elasticity*

• Supports optimal and healthy muscle function*



• Supports optimal and healthy immune function*

• Helps maintain / balance cholesterol levels*

• Helps maintain optimal and healthy circulation*

• Provides nutrients vital to optimal cell function*

• Polyphenols are strong antioxidants with
    numerous beneficial effects

• Protects your cells from oxidative stress
    and from free radicals*


* These statements have been approved the the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

TESTING IS the best way to Remove

any guesswork in your nutritional needs

Dicover your fatty acid profile and find our if you need to balance and restore your essential Omega 6:3 balance.

Monitor your levels of the sunshine nutrient and find out if you need to improve your vital vitamin D3 intake.

Put your long-term blood sugar levels in the context of your current lifestyle and move towards the future of well-being with our unique HbA1C test.

our flagship concept...


The BalanceOil Concept

Scientific test-based approach to restore health at the cellular level

Our modern diet isn’t Omega balanced anymore, the consequence is that 97% of people suffer from a low grade “inflamma-zone”. This affects the health of every cells of our body and is caused by consuming too much pro-inflammatory Omega-6’s (vegetable and seed oils), and not enough anti-inflammatory Omega-3’s (present in fish or supplementation) to maintain a healthy ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 of 3:1 or lower. There are numerous health benefits and reasons to get back in Omega Balance, find out more in the Balance and Restore section below…

Easy, at home prick test. Independently analyzed by third-party company in Norway, Vitas Analytical.


The Balance Test Evaluates
6 important health biomarkers:

• Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio

• Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) level

• Fatty acids protection value

• Your cell membrane fluidity

• Your mental strength index

• Arachidonic Acid (AA) level


Vitamin D Test

Shine a light on your immune health

Monitor your levels of the sunshine nutrient and find out if you need to improve your vital vitamin D intake.


HbA1C Future Test

Put your long-term blood sugar levels in the ontext of your current lifestyle and move towards the future of well being with our unique HbA1C test.


Balance & Restore


Balancing and opening the cellular membranes,
an important but commonly forgotten step !
Because HEALTH starts at the cellular level.

• Cell membranes are the gate keepers of what is coming in or going out. It makes sense to start by making sure your cells are open and the best way is by making sure the cell membrane’s fatty acids layer is in the proper Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of 3:1 or lower.

• Balancing fatty acids is key to cellular health and it should be the leading step to maintain or regain health. At an Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of 3:1 or lower, nutrients and toxins are moved easily, thus assuring cellular and global health of the individual.

Higher than 3:1 Omega6:3 ratio: HARD Membrane

Equal or lower than 3:1 Omega6:3 ratio: SOFT Membrane

Our Omega Balancing Products:


Test & Weight-Based Omega-3 Supplement
with all-natural flavors:

• Grapefruit-Lemon-Lime
• Orange-Lemon-Mint
• Lemon

BalanceOil+ Premium in CAPSULES

BalanceOil+ PREMIUM
4X more Polyphenols

BalanceOil+ VEGAN

We understand about kids and supplements! That’s why our experts formulated a Tutti-Frutti flavored BalanceOil.

Our balancing Products are not only test-based but also weight based !

In 2006, while testing the Omega ratio in customers, our scientists discovered that the daily dosage to bring everyone into Omega balance followed a simple weight-based rule. Which makes sense! A 225 lbs person will require more than someone weighing 150 lbs.

They established the daily BalanceOil+ dosage to be 0.0136 tsp per lb of body weight, for example: 110 lbs requires 1.5 tsp daily; 150 lbs 2.0 tsp daily; and 220 lbs is 3 tsp daily, (1 tsp = 5ml).

A 300 ml bottle of BalanceOil+ provides 30 daily doses of 10ml for a person weighing 150 lbs.

The Health benefits and RESULTS, after only 4 months, ARE ASTONISHING!


Restoring, detoxing and replenishing the cells

Once the cells are open, and the transportation and communication has improved, it is time to provide the daily and necessary nutrients to nourish them. In addition, to assist in moving toxins and waste products out of the cells and the gut, nothing better than a blend of dietary fibers, known to aid in restoring and helping the gut microbiome

The Health Protocol+

“The cure” & Health Insurance Policy
for our modern diet and lifestyle

You are probably investing financially for your retirement? 
Are you also investing in your future health? What is a nest egg if you don’t have the health to enjoy it?

The Health Protocol+ is the investment for your future health !

This “health cure” brings you into Balance and provides all the nutrients, vitamins, immune support, dietary fibers for a healthy gut, nootropics for a relaxed brain and better sleep.

When your diet or lifestyle gets bumpy, the health protocol+ has you covered!

Multi-Vitamin and Immune Support. Providing the daily necessary nutrients and protection for cellular activity.


8 of the most beneficial dietary fibers to feed your good bacteria and give them a fighting chance against the bad invaders.

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?



Beta-Glucans are your best ally to protect your body from bacteria, virus and other invaders.

Protect+ is designed to up-regulate your immune system so you are ready and protected.


if you are 50+ years old, take Zinogene+ and sweep away senescence cells; old cells that are robbing your nutrients and not giving you anything in return.

This is a 2-week cleanse done every season.

The Sunshine Vitamin!

Vitamin D is an important hormone in the body with many essential and protective functions throughout your body.
A daily dose is helpful to keep you healthy.

Vitamin D

Sleep Eazzy with Viva+

Saffron, the most expensive herb on the planet has anti-anxiety and helps for better and deeper sleep, without feeling groggy.



30X more Polyphenols
than regular olive oils

Skin Serum


Following recent wordly events, one thing should be clear in everyone’s mind: it is primordial to invest in preventive health care.  It is time to trust in yourself and take responsibility of our own health very seriously. Chronic diseases are on the rise, despite medical and pharmaceutical advancements. Obesity, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes, to name only a few, are diseases that can be prevented with proper lifestyle and diet attunements.

A healthy lifestyle, gentle exercise and DIET is key to longevity. Sometimes it is hard to keep a healthy diet, it is why our products are designed to keep your cells in balance and provide the necessary nutrients essential to maintain or regain health.

Once you have regain your health, taking the products on a regular basis will keep you balanced.

Having a long-term goal for your health through prevention increases your chances for longevity and well-being.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

The brain behind our test-based nutritional strategy is a carefully selected group of medical doctors, researchers and leading health experts, who are some of the brightest minds in the field of health and wellness today. Their combined know-how shines through in every product we make. A true statement to the power in letting science tell you how it is, and nature take care of it.


Hi! I intended to share the experience of my  friend’s son. Red pimpled, almost scabby skin problems on his face. Taking my advice, he started to consume the BalanceOil, the Zinobiotic prebiotic and the skin serum for his skin issue.

You can see the results, after only 3 weeks, on the picture on the right.

– Tibor Szabó

Health protocol teatimonial

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